hey there. i'm r, or scot if you prefer.


i'm a scots-american artist who is currently residing in the east coast.

i enjoy arts and culture, linguistics, cats, spiders, and tulips. i do not like prudes, nor stinkbugs.

if you're wondering what gender i am, i like to consider myself unlabeled, but if i had to choose, i'd say i'm a non-binary guy. friends tend towards 'he' and 'they', but you can use any pronouns for me; i don't mind.

heritage time... if you couldn't already tell, yes, i am scottish. quite predominantly, alongside irish. i'm also polish, ashkenazi jew, and a little german. my heritage is a lot to me, but being scottish specifically has always had great meaning to me.

running out of things to say already... well, i'm going to college in fall of 2021 to further study art, and i'm very excited about it. i hope to meet more people and learn more about my creative abilities.

oh, i know scots alongside english, but i am still always learning. i used to know french and latin, but forgot overtime. i also really hated learning french lol.

i hope you enjoy my site!