animal: cat, spider

beast: unicorn

color: black

food: pork

drink: water, hard cider

icecream: hazelnut, mint chocolate chip

music genre: rock, punk, electropop

movie: rocky horror picture show, texas chainsaw massacre

serie: breaking bad

pokemon: bulbasaur

digimon: tokomon

tea: earl gray

flower: tulip


name: rivers dionizy

age: 18 (1/15)

sex: adrogynous

orientation: bisexual

status: single

location: philly, usa

background: scottish, polski, ashkenazi, deutsch, irish

education: college (enrolled)

religion: syncretism

friends: fox, alexi, sam

creed: anarchist

skills: illustration, writing, coding, editing


hey. i'm rivers. i created this website :-)

i'm not great at talking about myself.. i am just a guy with a lot of interests and hopes.

my website is for many people to enjoy.. but i suppose not all! my hope is to just make something that bests represents me and the things i like.

please feel free to reach out if you want to.. i don't bite. you can either e-mail me, comment on my profile, or direct message me on my social medias.

my best wishes!

quiz results & questions

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get to know me questions

1. full name?

rivers dionizy

2. zodiac sign?


3. 3 fears?

stinkbugs, failure, surgery

4. 3 things you love?

cats, sour candy, my friends

5. 4 turn-on's?

oh man. good sense of humor, bad-boy archetype, good music taste, a kind soul

6. 4 turn-off's?

egotists, the fake-woke types, pettiness, people who are just.. mean

7. your best friend?

fox, sam, and alexi are all my besties :-)

8. sexual orientation?


9. my best first date?

none because the dates i went on all suck in one way or another -_-

10. how tall are you?

average height.. (embarrased)

11. what do you miss?

a lot of things and people

12. what time were you born?

i actually don't know.. i was told it was somewhere around the afternoon

13. favorite color?

black.. yellow, red, off-white are all good, too.. all colors are nice

14. do you have a crush?

hahah i wish

15. favorite quote?

“and crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race. lost in time, and lost in space. and meaning.” - richard o'brien (rhps)

16. favorite place?

hmm.. nothing particular.. i like visiting the town i grew up in, but don't do it often. i also like the cemetery where my mother was buried. overall i prefer open spaces surrounded by nature.

17. favorite food?

not sure.. probably chocolate mousse or pineapple

18. do you use sarcasm?

sometimes, but in an autism way if that makes sense.. i don't get abled-people's sarcasm most times, but i get it when it from other autistics

19. what are you listening to right now?

bulldog eyes 'seeya' album :-)

20. first thing i notice in a new person?

physically, the eyes. emotionally, i notice how they talk.

21. shoe size?

i think an 8 1/2..

22. eye color?


23. hair color?

ginger. i make up 0.17% of the population with my eyes and hair combo >:-) i am like a rare pokemon..

24. favorite style of clothing?

harajuku street fashion, lolita, turtlenecks..

25. ever done a prank call?

i don't think so. i am too polite

26. what color of underwear are you wearing right now?

i'll only tell you if you're a cute guy..

27. meaning of your url?

scotland. you know, like the place

28. favorite movie?

if i had to pick a favorite, probably rocky horror picture show.

29. favorite song?

well it changes all the time but right now? legacy by black dresses

30. favorite band?

oh maan.. the rolling stones, momus, devi mccallion, bulldog eyes.. too many to pick just one..

31. how do you feel right now?

hungry. will get food after this

32. someone you love?

the girl reading this.

33. your current relationship status?


34. your relationship with your parents?

loaded question. my mother is dead but she was like my everything as a kid before she passed, and my father abused me so i have no contact with him anymore.

35. favorite holiday?


36. tattoos and/or piercings you have?

none yet..

37. tattoos and/or piercings you want?

i'd like to get my ears pierced and get a tattoo dedicated to my mother at some point

38. the reason you joined this website?

i wanted my own web-corner

39. last book you read?

song of achilles i believe. i need to read more..

40. do you ever get "good morning" or "good night" texts?

not really, sometimes from my friends or family

41. have you ever kissed the last person you texted?

well the last text i sent was to my friend group so.. yes i've made out with a portion of them (it rocked)

42. when did you last hold hands?

jeez. i would think i probably held hands with one of my friends when we met up in january (2021)?

43. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

10-15 minutes

44. have you shaved your legs in the last three days?

hahah i haven't shaved period.. i don't know how the majority of women do it everyday i feel so bad. no one should shave! hair is meant to be there stupid!!

45. where are you right now?

in my apartment.. at my desk.. on the computer..

46. if you were drunk and couldn't stand, who would take care of you?

oh fox, definitely. he actually had to do that once because i was drunk crying for no reason and he sat with me and made sure i was okay and let me watch breaking bad to calm down. it was real funny.

47. do you like your music loud or at a reasonable level?

reasonable.. i get overstimulated or scared if it's too loud sometimes

lolita questions

1. Please tell us your Name, Birthday and Where You're From.

rivers, 1/15, USA.

2. What is your Height, Weight, Clothes Size and Shoe Size?

let's just say i'm average height, slightly overweight, a medium, and have an average shoe size.

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita Fashion?

as a kid i didn't wear dresses, as it's not seen as "normal" for a boy to do so. but as i grew and got more comfortable in my androgyny, i felt comfortable in dresses and actively wanted to wear them. my friend, fox, was into it for a long time and got me into it.

4. What's your favourite genre(style) of Lolita?

hard to pick really, but i love country and gothic the most ♡

5. Are you committed to the above or do you have your own definition?

not at all! i just like dresses not depending on what style they are.

6. Do you have any piercings, and if so how many?

not yet.. one day

7. What is your favourite brand?

i don't think i have one.. i know lots of people like angelic pretty and btssb, and i do too, but a lot of dresses i like tend to be indie brands.

8. What is your favourite piece of clothing?

i currently only have one lolita dress, but hopefully that'll change soon.. but it's a nice one! it's a black gothic dress with golden accents on the ribbons and a moon pendant. it was a nice choice for a starter dress.

9. How many Lolita friends do you have?

two! fox and sam. i hope to meet more lolitas as i get more into it and attend events, though.

10. What is the best thing about being a Lolita?

seeing people light up when they put on their new or favorite dresses.. it's so sweet.

11. On the contrary, what is the worst?

probably the general community.. lots of lolitas are very judgemental, especially against non-white, overweight, masculine, and disabled lolitas. kind of scared me to become a lolita in the first place..

12. What magazine(s) do you read?

not specifically a lolita mag, but i love the FRUiTS mag. probably my favorite!

13. Headdresses v Bonnets v Ribbons (Headbands)?

ribbons! love flowy, laced ones the most ♡

14. Do you wear bloomers?

i really need to get a pair..

15. Do you tie your headdress in the front or the back?

i don't own one yet, but probably in the back.

16. Do you have a favourite music genre or band?

i like basically everything, but.. rock, alternative, and pop come to mind. some bands/musicians i like: momus (electronic pop), the paper chase (alternative rock), devi mccallion (electronic), bulldog eyes (lo-fi), nastyona (baroque pop), alex g (alternative).

17. What is your phone ringtone?

default.. maybe i'll change it to something cute if i can figure out how to..

18. Do you go to lives/concerts in Lolita?

i probably wouldn't.. you'd sweat a lot, it might tear, or get dirty.. too worrying.

19. For those that go to lives/concerts, do you headbang?

i've been to only one concert so far (the rolling stones no filter 2020 tour), and i did dance, but no headbanging, sadly.

20. What colours do you like?

black, off-white, yellow, red and pink..

21. What are your hobbies?

illustration, listening to music, coding, calling with friends.

22. What is your favourite perfume?

ummh, i don't have any perfume.. i feel a little scared to wear any because people think i'm a guy.. but i really like fruit and nature smells.

23. Being a Lolita, is there anything you are careful of?

physically? i try not to stretch the fabric, do any hard movements, or eat in it. socially? i try to be very inclusive and open and kind to others.

24. Where do you usually hang out?

home.. too scared to go out in dresses still.

25. How many times do you wear lolita a week?

not a lot... especially recently since i'm so busy at college. maybe a few times a year?

26. Please tell us an embarrassing story you are guilty of from your early days of wearing lolita.

nothing (so far)

27. What is your hairstyle and hair colour now?

i've never dyed my hair, so just my natural color (ginger). and i usually part it to my right side. i'd like to dye my hair someday, but i'm worried about damaging my hair/color, and don't know what would look good with my skin..

28. How long is your lolita history?

not very long.. maybe 1-2 years now?

29. Do you have a dedicated place for storing lolita?

nope, just hang it with my other clothes.. maybe once i get more dresses i'll be more organized.

30. Up to now have you ever thought about quitting lolita?

not yet.. i'm still rather scared to be a lolita, as, again, people see me as masucline, but i'm still comfortable enough to dress up at home.

31. What is your motto?

if it makes you happy, and nobody's getting hurt, go for it!

32. What is your future dream?

to be fully happy and have my own true love.

33. Is there any celebrity you think "This person definitely suits Lolita!"?

i'm not into celebrities, soz...

34. Please tell us about an item that is full of memories

lolita-wise, nothing yet.. others? i have the plush i got for my mother when she was sick in the hospital, and she ended up dying with it. i'm very protective of it.

35. What is the very first item you got?

the dress i mentioned earlier!

36. When having your photo taken, do you have a pose you always do?

i like doing a peace sign, or bending my legs a little and lifting the dress, or putting my weight on one leg.

37. What is your bible? (Book, Magazine, CD etc)


38. What is the height of the tallest shoes you wear?

i don't have any cute shoes or heels... ah ah ah...

39. Have you ever worn a tiara?

no... i don't really like crowns

40. Occasionally do you want to try Ouji?

yes! but it's hard to find cute ouji...

41. What kind of lace do you like?

rounded lace with holes on the edges.. some flower-patterned lace is okay, but not a lot.

42. Do you have dolls? If you do please tell us about her!

noo. i'm a little scared of dolls.

43. What's inside your Lolita bag?

don't have a cute bag or purse yet.. but i'd probably put my phone, earbuds, and wallet in there. nothing spoilable nor spillable!

44. What's your favourite flower?

tulips oh my gosh! so so cute flower. especially red and pink ones, but yellows and whites are good, too.

45. What is your favourite accessory right now?

well i have a few! i have a black collar with a bell and ribbon on it, a pair of white gloves, cat ears, bunny ears... i'd love to get hairclips at some point

46. What is your favourite or recommended cosmetics?

i've only worn makeup a few times in my life, but i love putting blush on my cheeks and nose.

47. Big and beautiful eyes are the proof of a doll! So, do you wear false eyelashes? Also if you have any tips for application please tell us.


48. Please tell us your eye makeup fixation.


49. Is your lipstick red? Blue? Black? Pink?


50. What colour do you use often for your manicures?

only rarely paint nails (shaky hands stops me) but black!

51. Have you ever stealthily changed into your clothes in a train (or public) toilet?


52. Have you ever done a twinning coord? A triplet coord? What are your thoughts?

ooh not yet! i'd love to do a twinning coord with fox of shiro and kuro, and a triplet coord with him and sam sounds fun, too!

53. What do you do to keep your figure? Any recommendations?

this is very sensitive question.. i've struggled with body dysmorphia and disordered eating for a long time, i'd prefer not to answer this..

54. Wearing lolita alone. Are you okay with it?

yes! that's what i do 100% of the time, anyways.

55. How much do you spend a month on clothes and accessories?

my first dress was < 100$.. and i rarely go shopping.. so not a lot. maybe once a year i get a lot of clothes/expensive clothes?

56. Was there a considerable time difference between when you found out about Lolita and when you started wearing it?

kind of.. was about a year gap.

57. What is the most expensive thing you've bought up to now?

i don't... know.. again, don't shop a lot.

58. Lolita is really expensive. How to get money for it?

i mostly rely on freelance work, holiday gifts, and grants, but i'd like to get an on-campus job in the spring semester to have more spending money.

59. Just between the two of us, generally how much have you spent on Lolita altogether up until now?

< 100$.. currently.

60. What shop do you want close to you?

humh... maybe metamorphose? or indie brands..

61. Just between the two of us, are there any shops you think are a total ripoff?

angelic pretty goes for very high prices.. but i don't think it's necessarily a "rip-off".

62. Do you use online shops? If you have what are the good and bad points about it? If you haven't, please tell us why.

yes, online shopping is my only available option, really. pros: wide selection, lower prices (most times), web sales, easy to understand... cons: deciding on size, if second-hand, you're not always 100% certain what you are getting... make sure you have all your measurements, please! for the love of god!

63. ちょっと秘密にしときたいけど私だけにコッソリ☆な個人製作サイトさんを教えてください

a dinnae ken...

64. I definitely won't get it! But I really really want it! Do you have a certain something from a certain brand that you want?

the sweet berry gingham jsk from metamorphose de temps fille is very very cute!

65. What do you do with pieces you get bored of?

probably ask my friends if they want it first, then sell if they don't.

66. What is the last thing you bought (even outside of Lolita)?

huh, ummh.. i can't even remember..

67. Is there something you'll probably never have it again, but you can't forget about?

nothing, really

68. What do you think of people that wear lolita only to lives/concerts?

if they're happy, good for them! good for them.

69. What do you think of people that don't wear makeup with lolita fashion?

well, that's me lol.. again, if it makes you happy!

70. There's a Lolita wearing the same coord as you! What do you think?

probably try my hardest to not yell "twinsies!!" and ask them about their taste, hobbies, et cetera..

71. From what age until what age do you think is forgivable to wear Lolita?

any age, really.. i'd just caution younger lolitas that their bodies will change as they grow, so the dresses may not fit anymore.

72. In what situation do you think you would have to stop wearing Lolita?

if my resources had to focus on something more important.

73. Do you have any "Stop doing this!" warnings?

for the love of all things holy, stop being so judgy! it's only gonna hurt you and others.

74. Do you have any thoughts about what a Lolita should be like?

open-minded, kind, creative.

75. Excluding Q.73, is there anything you don't want a Lolita to do?

not really..

76. What do you think of boys wearing Lolita?

(amused) fashion doesn't have gender/sex inherently.

77. Since wearing Lolita has anything about you changed from before?

i've become more comfortable in my femininity and masculinity.

78. What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita?

well, only my friends really know i do it, and they're all very kind and supportive.. not sure about strangers though -_-;;

79. In the midsummer heat what kind of Lolita do you wear?

i'd probably want to wear country lolita! or something light and airy, at least.

80. Do you wear Lolita to school/your workplace?

oh gosh no.. too shy.

81. What are your regular style of clothes?

very casual clothing.. i love turtlenecks when it gets cold, though.

82. Are you opposed to second hand clothing?

not at all! it's cheaper, it's the same thing essentially.. don't get the big fuss over it.

83. Do you have a partner? And do they understand Lolita?

not yet (sob). i'd love to have someone who would wear lolita with me.. ♡

84. Please tell us the image of your ideal guy.

gosh.. i really appreciate a good sense of humor, like, a lot.. love the "bad boy" archetype, as well as the quiet and shy type. someone who isn't judgy, someone who just gets me.. ahhhh

85. Is there a Lolita that has left a big impression on you?

fox, definitely. (how many times am i gonna mention him?!)

86. Have you ever made your own clothes? If so what kind?

oh god, no. shaky hands man.

87. Have you ever made your own accessories? If so what?


88. Is there an item you've made that you think "It's a great success!"?


89. If you have an ideal coord, please talk about it.

red/pink gingham jsk with a white blouse and gingham bows, maybe some strawberry accessories, maybe a straw hat or basket..

90. Is there someone you admire? What kind of person are they?

oh come on. you know who -_-

91. For one day you can go on a date with that special person. They will also be wearing their favourite clothes. So who is it, what are you wearing and where is the date?

we set a picnic up.. they're wearing a gothic dress, while i'm in gingham country lolita.. we watch the grass blow in the wind.. i wish i had a crush!!

92. If you could open a shop in the future, what kind would it be?

no dress or clothes-making skils, but.. i'd love to help non-white, overweight, masculine, and disabled people feel more included with what would make.

93. Unconsciously, this catches your eye! Which motif is it?

strawberries! cats! stars!

94. Would you also want your child(ren) to wear Lolita?

... let me get a partner first, would you?!

95. How much do you spend on each piece of clothing?

if there are options that are for cheaper, i'm going for it. again, first dress was < 100$

96. This is a Lolita! If you think there's a gesture like that please tell us.


97. Even if it's only one time I wanna wear it! Is there something you want to wear other than Lolita?

i love seifuku.. street fashion... i also love ancient scottish and polish attire.. kilts!

98. Looking at your Lolita, if you could use one word to represent it, what would it be?

gaol (love)

99. What is your image of an ideal Lolita?

someone whose dresses reflect their personality

100. 大変お疲れ様でした! Please share your thoughts on taking this questionnaire.

was fun! very fun! made me think a lot. if you read this far, thank you!