On 1/15/2021, I'll be turning 18. I'll also be spending the time with my best friends in the whole wide world! (Fox, Alexi, and Sam)

This trip means a lot to me; I've never gotten to physically meet these important people in my life before, and it's also happening in a time of my life where things have been quite stressful and a bit unstable. I think this trip is going to be really healing for me, and hopefully for my friends aswell. I know we all deserve it.

This page will serve as a log of sorts for our exploits until we depart on the afternoon of 1/18/2021. I already know I won't wanna say goodbye!

Please enjoy our silliness.


So today started pretty rocky, but things got figured out. The car ride itself was 2 hours, but we ended up having to wait another hour and a half for everyone to show up. I was mad about it at first, but now it's behind us and I couldn't care less!

When getting in Fox's car for the first time, I contemplated if this was all real; if I was really here with my best friends in the world. I was so excited and nervous! I couldn't believe I was finally meeting all these people I've known for so long...

We quickly found a place to eat some very-late lunch; McDonald's. I ordered a 20 piece nugget while everyone else got much smaller meals. I ended up scarfing down the whole thing!

After that, we rode for awhile, and then went to pick up our dinner food. Then we arrived at the AirBNB and sanitized everything before we unpacked. When we were finally settled in, we sat down to eat...

It was really good! But sadly I didn't have to eat much before the 20 piece nugget kicked my ass and reminded me I was full. I kept stealing bites of Alexi's sesame chicken because God was it good. Oh! And as a birthday present, they sneaked me some Angry Orchard ciders! I was so excited when they told me. I love hard cider with my whole heart.

That's all for now... I'm excited to get Dunkin Donuts and bubble tea tomorrow (it'll be my first time having it)... See you soon!


Today I woke up my friends by blaring Sorry For Party Rockin' by LMFAO. It worked.

After we got dressed, we picked up Dunkin Donuts. I ordered apple fritters and got... regular glazed donuts. Still good. I also tried the matcha latte and thought it tasted like grass.

When we got back, we watched HXH 2011 for awhile before doing a spirit box and then settling down to draw!

Then we went and got bubble tea and... drum roll... I really liked it! The bubbles are chewy but firm, and not too slimy. And the tea is sweet! Definitely a new favorite. I got taro milk tea and thai milk tea.

We ordered Chipotle (also another first for me) and ate, having some hard cider with our drinks, and got a little silly... we also ranted about stuff we hated. Sam got really... really silly. On only 5% alc. Love her.

We also started uhm... making out. Well Fox had no part in it and acted like a concerned father the whole time. Alexi said I taste like marshmellows and that makes me pretty happy.

(Yes, I wore cat ears the whole time)

They said I was a good kisser. That also makes me happy...

Then we made coffee because we wanted to stay awake (and also because Alexi couldn't go to the bathroom).

Fox almost spilt hot coffee on me and it looked like someone peed on the floor. Alexi made a face.

I also took a realy scary photo of Fox...


So on this day we all got up and ordered some breakfast.. I got a breakfast bagel and it was delicious! Alexi got a breakfast pizza and it looked and tasted yummy. I tried Fox's lox (ANOTHER first) and it actually wasn't as bad as it seemed.

We planned on seeing Alexi's and Fox's dogs throughout the day and then we would get our food, which was Applebee's. I was so excited for chicken tenders I kept complaining about it.

We saw Bella (Alexi's dog) first and she was so well behaved and sweet.. I really liked her little elf ears.

Then we met with Fox's mom and saw the famous Tilly (their dog). She was also really sweet and gave me lots of kisses on my hands. She kept shivering cause she was so excited.

Before we got Applebee's, we stopped at a shop and got some keychains, Pokemon figurines, and me and Fox got Pokemon plushies. I got a vaporeon plush to go with my shiny one at home!

We also went to Wegmans beforehand to get mochi, pocky, and other snacks and drinks. I ate all the strawberry mochi right away as we played Mario Party and then let the chocolate mochi firm up in the freezer.

Later, we started drawing again (for reasons unlisted I will respectfully not show these drawings lol) and then played Go Nuts for Donuts. I ate the rest of the mochi while we played (but sadly, I had to share it this time).

Then I got hysterical at some point, started crying, and Alexi lost her shit. It was funny. I kept saying I wanted monster because it "coated my tummy", and then I said I wanted "apple juice" but I really meant more hard cider.

Alexi and Sam went off in the bedroom and madeout some more but I declined the offer because I kept crying LOL. Fox took care of me.

Me and Alexi took a nap for an hour afterwards while Sam and Fox watched more HXH. When we woke up we went on YouTube and watched babies falling over compilations and lost our shit to them.

"I hope there are enough babies, I don't wanna see repeats." - Fox, 2021

What we learned is that when babies put buckets on their heads, they get the instant urge to run.


The day finally came... leaving day.

I woke up and surprisingly was not that sad (yet). We cleaned the house out and packed our things in the car and headed out.

First we got Starbucks, as gays do, but for some reason they were totally out of food! So we just got coffees (except for Alexi, they were lucky enough to get a bagel).

Then we stopped at Taco Bell, which I haven't had in years, and got our food. It was very good! Sadly, the Taco Bell in my area doesn't have good reviews, so it's nice to get it somewhere where the people know what they're doing.

We hung out for a bit and then started driving to our destination. First, we dropped off Sam's and Alexi's stuff so the car was less crowded, then we went to a gas station to check our tires and also, to get monsters for me..

We actually recorded a podcast too! We yelled a lot in it, it was funny. I guess a car podcast is customary for every YouTuber...

Then, when we arrived, it was time for us to depart. We hugged a lot and planned our next meetup (we're hoping to see each other over the Summer!) then, we all headed home.

Getting back, I really missed them all! My friends mean so much to me, and they're basically family. Having to say goodbye was really hard, even if we already call everyday.

I know I'll see them again sometime, but man is it difficult adjusting back to everyday life!

I hope you enjoyed this documented trip as much as I did, please hold your friends tight!