for you, one last time

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a playlist i made for the sake of healing. it's dedicated to and revolves around an ex-friend who i considered very close to me. i thought it'd be fitting, seeing as we bonded over the music playlists we made for each other earlier in our friendship, before things went sour. i loved them a lot. i can't lie about that. i very meticulously picked the songs for this one, and even ordered them according to the timeline of events. i highly doubt it, but man, if you're somehow on this website and reading this: i hope you're well. you had a strong spirit when i knew you, and i'm sure you still do. my feelings about you change day-to-day, which makes sense; i'm still healing from the hurt you inflicted. but i'm trying really hard to forgive. take care.


"i feel like i'm suffering from a beautiful disease / when your sad, pretty smile brings me down to my knees"

"and oh, the city's too big; you say it invents the fire in you / meanwhile i'm burning alive under the flame it has lit for you"

"you never called me on my birthday / i want to call you on your birthday"

"there is a problem with your head, you can't bring yourself out of bed / i want to lie there next to you and make you laugh like i used to"

"it's not what you are, it's just what you did / don't hang up the phone, i love you to death"

1. arco - "alien"

2. bulldog eyes - "ok"

3. bulldog eyes - "telephone"

4. katie dey - "treat me like a doll" (cover)

5. elvis depressedly - "weird honey"

6. bulldog eyes - "running"

7. andor - "hello"

8. black dresses - "in my mouth"

9. jack stauber - "love bug"

10. fidlar (ft. kate nash) - "somebody kill me" (cover)

11. the paper chase - "a little place called trust"

12. the paper chase - "so, how goes the good fight?"

13. scissor sisters - "almost sorry"

14. my chemical romance - "disenchanted"

15. breaking benjamin - "forget it"

16. momus - "don't leave" (cover)

17. alex g - "i wait for you"

18. flatsound - "learning to hate you as a self defense mechanism"

19. teen suicide - "haunt me"

20. bulldog eyes - "dream/corona"

21. bulldog eyes - "king"

22. bulldog eyes - "alright"

23. alex g - "cold"

24. alex g - "change my mind"

25. the strokes - "is this it?"

26. alex g - "black hair"

27. daniel johnston - "some things last a long time"