this is my closet. i put clothes and items here i really enjoy... i hope to build it up with nice things over time!

i give details of type and brand (if available) so that if you want to buy something on here, you have resources.

nothing on here is for sale unless stated ( ̿–ᆺ ̿–)...


type: dress / style: gothic lolita / brand: soft sister (?)

"a very cute moon-crested dress... it feels very flowy, and it isn't too complex design-wise, so i feel i could wear it in public without catching too many stares. the chest area is a bit small for me, though."


type: crop-top / style: graphic / brand: (?)

"i think the graphic is really cool looking and i still love DBZ seeing as i grew up with the show. overall, very good casual tee-- i like wearing it on its own or over turtlenecks."


type: crop-top / style: graphic / brand: shein

"pretty soft and has such a cute graphic; i'm just a sucker for devils... again, good for casual wear or over other shirts."


type: long-sleeve shirt / style: graphic / brand: girls rituals x ivy atoms

"i love the hell out of the graphic. makes me feel powerful. i kind of wish i got a sweatshirt version instead, as i'm not a big long-sleeve person, but it's still pretty comfy."


type: seifuku / style: uniform / brand: wenhong

"i've always wanted a seifuku, so i got my first one! the material is very comfortable, but the skirt is a bit tight. it pairs well with my navy pants if i want to swap out the skirt."