what is this site's purpose?

this site is meant to host my ideas, my projects, the things i like, my journal.. it's utmost purpose is to just be somewhere i can call home.

why the name 'scotland'?

i am really into my own ethnic background, particularly my scottish side. i am very much in love with scottish culture and language and find it greatly fascinating and comforting. also, scotland wasn't taken, so why not?

how did you learn to code?

mostly through w3schools and the stackoverflow forum, as well as other online tutorials.. i am (probably very obviously) self-taught.

can you help me with coding?

i can definitely try! i'm no expert by any means, but if you're having trouble grasping the basics, feel free to reach out to me.

can i use your artwork/music?

this depends. if you'd like to use my art for something like a social media icon, feel free! credit is appreciated but not needed. if you want to use my work (art, music) in a personal, non-profit video and post it somewhere, like on youtube, please give credit. do not by any means use my work to turn a profit. the only exception to this is when i release my kinetic novel, fuil, you are free to do a commentary/reaction/analysis video and monetize it.

can i commission art from you?

yes! i will hopefully have a page up and running soon about commission work, but for now, feel free to reach out to me. please be aware that prices range: if you'd like a simple sketch, it might be something like 15-25$, while a finished painted piece would be around ~100$. I use paypal primarily for transactions.

can we be friends?

what a loaded question.. well, i am always up for talking to new people! you can always contact me on here, my social medias, or e-mail. don't be shy!

i have more questions!

again, feel free to contact me! if you're curious about the webmaster, check out my about page.