Friends are lovely and great and I'm really glad I have them. I struggled as a kid to make friendships, and after elementary I was basically friendless. It was hard for me to connect with people because I couldn't find anyone who thought akin to me, who got my humor, who understood my pains... mostly the struggles of the average autistic child. But I got lucky at some point and found some really wonderful people who I was able to really sympathize with. Now, it's almost more of a hivemind than a friendship... I feel so deeply for these people and cannot imagine life without them. I love them!


My very dear older brother and closest comrade. I honestly have no idea where I'd be without you. Maybe I wouldn't even be here. We've been through such tough times together and have seen each other grow and change so much; I'm so glad I've been able to see you progress throughout the years. It's been almost six whole years now... I look up to you (as a younger brother does) and aspire to be someone as strong and passionate. I love the time I spend bickering with and teasing you. I really could not ask for a better friend.

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My (metaphorical) wife and close friend. When I first met you in that fateful discord call, I was unsure how to approach. It's a running joke that I thought you were emo because you were so quiet! But over time, I got to see you really open up. Not just to me or the others, but to yourself. You hold so much intelligence and kindness and forgiveness for people that it's very astounding to someone who's very dumb and unforgiving (me). I'd love to see more of that kind, selfless sweetness given to yourself, because you really do deserve it.


One of the sweetest, most outgoing people I've ever met in my life. You're never afraid to say what's on your mind and you're always there for a friend in need. When we first met I was very shaken by your positive demeanor; it was something I wasn't used to. I look up to you in that regard.. you always seem to hold your head up even while in your darkest hour. You also hold a lot more intelligence than I think you realize.. And when you don't know something, you're always so quick to learn and accept! You are such a bright light to people; never stop shining!


A kind, wise soul who I'm really glad has made me a friend. I can relate a lot to you, and I'm always finding something out about you that makes me want to go 'oh, me too!'. It's a really nice feeling to not be alone. You've gone through a lot, and continue to, but you are very very strong and clever, and I know you'll be okay in the end. Your heart is so nice and kind to people even when you yourself are suffering. It's very admirable.. I know one day you'll get past the troubles of your life and be safe and happy. Please keep going and never give up!