is the working title for a kinetic novel i am producing on my own.

the story explores the trials and tribulations that come with life-- birth, love, death, grief... from the perspective of a young unicorn named fuil.

i am writing fuil from a place of wanting something people can read and feel a relation to. all the experiences fuil goes through are my own, so this truly is a little bit of a self-insert lol.

i am still considering my options regarding music composition. i'm pretty sure i want to do it, but it's going to add even more work to my plate. i think i'll just have to suck it up and make a soundtrack (despite not being much of a composer). the general consensus i've seen is that any music is better than none.

as far as content warnings go, please know that there are sensitive themes in fuil such as... death, grief & mental illness, derealization/depersonalization, mental/sexual abuse. please be wary!

when fuil is done, or i release a demo, i will put a link here.

i hope you enjoy :-)