hello. my name is rivers, but you can call me rivs or even "oni" if you want.

i'm an 18 year-old, disabled, non-binary anarchoartist from the east coast.

thankyou for visiting my site.

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onigaorsu project is launched. welcome to the future!

dying to know what the h*ll "onigaorsu" means? well it takes some explaining...

oni -- i only recently stumbled upon the word "onigokko", which is a japanese child's playground game, aka "tag". i really think it is such a cute word for a cute game which has a lot of nostalgia for me. i guess it also has a dual meaning; i thoroughly enjoy yokai legends and have done research on various myths and creatures. oni are usually very large, horned demons with twisted, long fangs portruding from their mouths. i've always loved demons and devils, so i guess it's natural for me to take a liking to oni. as one last note, i also really enjoy the "nee" sound.

gaorsu -- combining words is a fun activity. i basically took the scots gaelic words "gaol" and "saorsa" together.. and got gaorsa. these words both have important meanings. gaol is the equivalent to "love" in english, and saorsa is a word meaning "freedom, liberty". i love... loving and i love self liberty. so how'd i go from gaorsa to gaorsu? well, i just liked the "su" sound over the "sa" sound... yep.



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