these are some texts i've made.

some are fanfictions, some are poems, others are just ramblings.

hope you enjoy :-)


- a poem i made while in the feelings of heartbreak.

 "Your bark was never enough / I needed to feel the sting of your teeth"

Ginger Boy & Warlock Boy

- a cute short story about a ginger-haired boy and a warlock boy.

 ""Do I smell bad? I'm sorry." The ginger-haired boy just laughed and smiled, gently pulling the warlock boy back down to him. "You smell like an orange grove. I like it.""


- a Dedusmuln/Somsnosa (Hylics) fanfiction. Forever unfinished.

 "She answered me with a smile. “Sorry, you just looked real cute.” She giggled out those last words, and oh, how I almost swooned."


- a Nyen/Luther (Ranfren) fanfiction. probably my first major writing work.

 "Are my desires to serve simply a ruse to convince myself? Do I want to leave? If I didn't, would I even be thinking about it right now? "...How dare you." He hissed to himself through gritted teeth."