beginner information

second life is a multiplayer 3D virtual world "game" mostly dedicated to avatar creation and expression. Unlike most of today's MMO's, shooters, and adventure games, second life has no objective. you can do what you want, when you want!

so, how do you get started? first, you'll want to make a second life account. once you enter all the needed information, you'll have to decide on what viewer you'd like second life to run in. i personally use firestorm, but for simplicity's sake, you might want to start with the standard official second life viewer.

after it's done installing, all you need to do is open it, login, and play! new accounts will be taken to the tutorial section, and i highly reccomend not skipping it so you can understand the controls and basic functions of second life.

if you're still confused on what to do, feel free to reach out to me. i am not the greatest explainer, but maybe i can help.

i also must link to my friend fox's guide to second life. it's very in-depth, and even goes over some second life vocabulary!

my character

my current character is a cat-person who has an eccentric taste in fashion. their favorite clothing material is latex and their favorite colors are green and orange.

they really enjoy form-fitting and "scandalous" attire, but will also wear lolita dresses and casual clothing occasionally.

they are an adult, probably somewhere around my own age. they currently reside with their friend fox in conejo, but really, they are more of a vagabond.

their favorite places to go are clubs and parties (mostly so they can dance).

want to see some photos of them and their adventures?

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character style card:

legacy perky body by meshbody, aeon head by ASR/asra ofran, pale skin by hime*dream, beast eyes by hime*dream, fur body tattoo by BCRS/enya, fur face tattoo by YABAI, fox ears by happy paw, tiger tail by happy paw