second life

what is second life?

second life is a virtual world slash avatar creation game created in 2003. it's purpose is up to you; you can dress up your avatar, explore the many worlds, or chat with random people.

how do i play?

you can begin your sl journey by creating your account here and then downloading one of the many browsers. most people on their first run of the game download the official sl viewer (you can download that here). other people like using browsers like firestorm or black dragon depending on what they aim to do. once the browser is installed, open, login, and you're ready to go!

what's your username? can you show me around?

my sl username is mrmousy, feel free to add me! i'm on a lot, and though i don't consider myself to be a very good teacher, i can do the best i can to show you around if you'd like.


my second life avatar

mao - ⚧ - any

mao is my cat"girl" avatar... i love them very much.

i felt the need for a cuter type of avatar, so i created mao.

she has cute red ears and a tail; she is a caracal, afterall...

they love fashion, especially being fond of lolita and uniforms. she really likes gingham.

below are some images of their hijinks throughout the second life worlds.


second life worlds to check out

below are some slurl's you can explore! i provide a description for what you can find there, aswell.


astraluna sandbox - this is mainly where i go when i need to unpack something or try out new outfits. it offers a shop there aswell! it's nice and spacious, and even has a small hangout spot if you wanna sit there with your friends.

alethia island market - a marketplace with sandbox areas. there are large sandbox areas and smaller ones for your choosing. it's especially nice because when you enter the sandbox, it hides your avatar from other people unless they walk into the square themselves.


primary sim - when you spawn in, walk towards the large dog in the background and turn left. you'll see a black wall stacked with free dance animations! what's better is you can use them in groups, so you and your friends can dance in sync!

cute worlds

hello kitty/astralia 45th anniversary themepark - a really adorable hello kitty themepark, full with a waterslide section and air balloon rides! it has some cute clothes for sale, too.

conejo island - a beautiful expansive world that has built it's own community. they often host very fun events! there are lots of freebies for your pleasure when you first spawn in, aswell.

18+ clubs

kinky tweenki's - a very inclusive club where you can come and see some really pretty avatars dance! i work here with my friends and can personally vouch for how nice the staff here are. come and tip them if you'd like!

the mystic whisker - another very accepting club. i also work here in my freetime and i find the space very aesthetically pleasing. there are even games for workers upstairs if you are bored on your shift!

yiff - a cool dance club where you can come with your furry friends and talk with other furries. they allow you to dance there for tips which is nice.