It's a warm, Summer's night. You're sat on the floor of your childhood livingroom. Your brother's hands are ontop of yours as he shows you how to hold the green Nintendo 64 controller and how to press all the buttons. You stare in awe at the TV screen infront of you. There's a green-haired girl patiently staring back at you.


This was one of the first memories I had of playing a video game. As a kid, Duck Hunt and Yoshi's Story were the only games I really played, and when my parent's divorced and I went to live with my mother, I kind of stopped playing games for awhile. Until my brother introduced me to Ocarina of Time. Then I was hooked.

I remember every day after that playing that damn N64 until it was my bed time. I slowly got better at the controls and understood what I had to do. But in all, I took my time; I probably stayed in Kakariko Village for weeks. I was in my own little world: making up my own quests and goals, making up conversations between Link and the other children (mostly Saria, because well, I liked them together)... I was happy.

Then everything changed when I found Majora's Mask; I found my favorite game.

I have a distinct memory of playing the game while my mother sat at the dining room table filling out her taxes. It was late, and probably past my normal bed time, but it was a weekend, so it was fine.

I loved the mask game mechanic with a deep, deep passion. To my kid brain, it was so stimulating and fun to change shape and have a different fighting style. And that brings me to one of my first fictional crushes...

Fierce Diety Link!

I remember having all the masks in one of my saves (it was my brother's, to be honest...) and putting on the Fierce Diety Mask whenever I could. I have an especially funny memory; I just defeated Goht and was in the loop that is his dungeon. I had Link face the camera and put on the mask... and just had him sit there and stare at me! I had a big big crush on this white-haired Link... I think it was really sweet.

Link has always been a character that has helped me connect to my brother.. we have a tradition: whenever a new Zelda game comes out, he plays it first, then me. Some people (especially people who also have siblings) would probably find this annoying. But I've always cherished this event. For once in my life, I'm able to be patient.

I remember watching him play Twighlight Princess from our father's bar room. I was sat on the couch and he was on a chair in front of the television. And then again when Skyward Sword came out. I'd sometimes chime in with tips, but most of the time, I was silent, simply watching my older brother play. He'd stay up for days until he finished the game, barely even taking bathroom or food breaks. Then, when he was done, I'd be able to experience it for myself.

Sadly, this kind of tradition died after he moved out. When Breath of the Wild came out, he still played it first, but I wasn't able to watch (probably a good thing, that game is looong). Now, with rumors that a new Zelda game will be out some time or other, I'm excited, but equally upset, because I know it will likely be the full death of this tradition.. Still, I cherish those memories we made, and I'm eternally grateful for them.

That's about all there is to write for now! I hope you enjoyed this shrine, it's the first time for me doing something like this..

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