In my freetime, I enjoy forms of self-expression, one being writing. Although, if you looked at my school-based essays, 95% of them are shit. This is simply just because I don't enjoy working under circumstances where I must produce something in a given amount of time, on subjects that do not interest me. But when I'm given leisure, and no restrictions, I think I'm able to make things that at least look nice to my eyes. I hope you enjoy my small amount of works as much as I enjoy making them.

"Dogs" - A poem I made while deep in my feelings of my heartbreak.

"Ginger Boy & Warlock Boy" - A small scrawling about a ginger boy and a warlock boy.

"Do I smell bad? I'm sorry." The ginger-haired boy just laughed and smiled, gently pulling the warlock boy back down to him. "You smell like an orange grove. I like it."

"Drone" - A Luther/Nyen (Ranfren) fanfic. It goes there.

Are my desires to serve simply a ruse to convince myself? Do I want to leave? If I didn't, would I even be thinking about it right now? "...How dare you." He hissed to himself through gritted teeth.

"Untitled" - A fic about my characters, Sam and Chief. Work in progress.

Why when the rare moment of intimacy struck, why did he feel the sudden urge to vomit into the mouth connected to him? Why did he feel the urge to run? And why did he also feel the instinct to aggressively return that intimacy? It's hard to figure out when you and your supposed 'lover' barely love to begin with. So when Chief initiates these moments (because he always has to be the one to), what is Sam left to do but return to the feralcy of a wild animal?

"Untitled" - A Dedusmuln/Somsnosa (Hylics) fanfic. Unfinished.

"You need to get a new helmet.." She murmured to me, still staring. I turned my head away as I felt heat spread across my skin. "Why's that?" I questioned, deciding to focus on a window across the room. She seemed to get closer to me as she breathed her next words. "I want to see you all the time, duh."